“Ode to Wilderness” Project

Brought to you by Karen Savory and Hannah Spencer Fast

Drinking in the cool mountain air, experiencing the wonders of the changing seasons, and exploring the quiet hidden meadows found in wilderness areas across the country have been an important and special part of both of our lives.  Wilderness renews our spirits and inspires us in countless ways.  In celebration of the 50th Anniversary of the Wilderness Act, and in honor of those that have come before, we want to give back. Seventy-five percent of our profits from the sales of our cards will go to organizations that support wilderness and wilderness ethics.

Our “Ode to Wilderness” collection is a sampling of what we find so intriguing about wild lands.  Please, take your time as you scroll through our images – remember your special places in nature, remember your feelings of wonder and awe, and find your inspiration.

Happy Trails and thank you for your support,

Karen and Hannah


Our Cards

Printed on FSC certified paper, packaged in a simple box, and sent directly to you.

75% of our profits go to organizations that support wilderness and wilderness ethics

The complete “Ode to Wilderness” collection, set of 12 cards 



 Thanks to all the wilderness supporters out there, our card sets are no longer available through our website. Still interested?  Contact the Selway Bitterroot Frank Church Foundation  or Friends of the Clearwater.

 More series of cards coming soon!




Our Art

12 beautiful relief block prints created by 2 friends who imagine a world healthy, wild, and whole.


Organizations we support:

  • Friends of the Clearwater:  www.friendsoftheclearwater.org/
  • Selway Bitterroot Foundation:   www.selwaybitterroot.org/
  • The Wilderness Institute:  www.cfc.umt.edu/WI/
  • Wilderness 50:  www.wilderness50th.org/ 


Wilderness advocacy groups that would like to partner with us, please contact us for more information.  75% of the profits from the cards that you sell directly,  stays with your organization.


What you can do:

  • Support and donate to your local wilderness advocacy group
  • Volunteer for trail restoration work
  • Practice “leave no trace” ethics:  en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Leave_No_Trace
  • Remember, even little things can make a difference- pick up trash at trail heads, pull weeds, and  share your wilderness experiences and enthusiasm with others. 


A Little About Hannah

As a young girl, Hannah spent her summers hiking Mt Washington, picking blueberries at Lake Champlain, and camping on Lake George’s magical islands.  Those treasured times with her family have shaped her and have given her a passion for the beauty of the natural world.

Whether she is carving away the unwanted space on a block print, painting in watercolor, or creating an eye-catching collage under a glass dome that holds the treasures of the world, her art reflects the beauty she sees in nature. 

Hannah traveled west for college and the moment she smelled the sage and the wet river bottoms she knew she was home.  She had found her sense of place.  Today, she lives off the grid in Idaho along the banks of the Salmon River with her husband, Geoff.  She feels lucky to be able to teach people to slow down and  appreciate clean cold waters, and to listen to the bird calls, as a fly fishing guide.  When not fishing or creating art she and Geoff can be found hiking and skiing in the nearby mountains, boating the rivers, or selling their organic produce at the Salmon Farmers Market.

A Little About Karen


An appreciation of both nature and art have always been a part of Karen’s life. She could never get enough of either.  She would beg her dad to take her camping with the boys and beg her mom to let her “help” with sewing and painting projects. Now as an adult, she has combined these two loves and creates art that shares her passion for nature and a sustainable life.

Karen made her way west following college and has been lucky enough to live in many beautiful places.  Together with her husband, Van, she has traveled by bike and foot throughout the west exploring our national lands and appreciating the value of our designated wilderness. Today, they call the foothills of the beautiful Bitterrroot Mountains of Montana home. They spend their free time wandering off-trail, listening to nature’s song, growing their own food, and doting on their flock of chickens.