“My bright, whimsical paintings tell the story of nature’s simple beauty and complex harmony.  I am continually amazed at what our world has to offer.  The ever changing colors of a granite wall on a crisp fall morning exhilarate me; the mysteries found in the soil and water fascinate me; and the grandness of the highest peaks and oldest forests humbles me.  There is much to learn by taking a quiet walk in the mountains.  My painting style expresses the utter joy I feel when I’m in the midst of nature.  The aspen trees dance before me and the coyotes sing.  I dream of a more sustainable future and frame my paintings with messages offering gentle reminders of the precious world we live in.
As I learn more about earth’s curiosities and listen to the wisdom of others my work evolves.  I am surrounded by inspiration – from the wonderful people that share their lives with me to the awesome beauty of nature.  There are many stories yet to be told and I look forward to discovering them while quietly exploring and observing the world around me.”     – Karen


An appreciation of both nature and art has always been a part of Karen’s life. Growing up she could never get enough of either.  She would beg her dad to take her camping and fishing with the boys and then beg her mom to let her “help” with sewing and painting projects. Now as an adult, she has combined these two loves and creates art that shares her passion for nature and a sustainable life.

Karen made her way west as a young adult and has been lucky to live and work in many beautiful places.  Together with her husband, Van, she has traveled by bike and foot exploring our national lands  while cultivating an even deeper appreciation of the value of nature. Today, they call the foothills of the beautiful Bitterrroot Mountains of Montana home. They spend their free time wandering off-trail, listening to nature’s song, growing their own food, and doting on their flock of chickens.


Please contact Karen with any questions or comments.